Why we instinctively stretch and yawn when we wake up and why it’s so important

The alarm clock signals that we should get up in the morning, but it does not wake up our bodies, but the stretching and yawning. Perhaps it is because we do it as an involuntary process that we do not even pay attention to it. However, these 2 actions do much more for our bodies than just wake us up.

We at Bright Side have become very curious about this combination of yawning and stretching and we have decided to show you some insights that have actually surprised us.

1. Stretching will realign the muscles.

Why We Instinctively Stretch and Yawn When We Wake Up and Why It’s So Important

When we yawn and stretch at the same time, we promote blood flow, which automatically reduces stress. This is because the part of the nervous system responsible for our heartbeat, digestion and endocrine functions gets a start.

2. It can decrease stress.

Spending more time in a single position can affect our bodies and lead to tension and stiffness. When we stretch after waking up, the joints and muscles are trained, which helps to maintain greater mobility, even if we do not participate in complex activities. It tells our brains that it’s time to get up.

3. It can help with stiffness and tightness.

Stretching helps to restore communication between the brain and muscles. That is, when we stretch, our brain sends stronger signals to our muscles. The feedback we receive then allows the brain to decide how strong the signals should be to perform different tasks.

4. It’ll help the brain send stronger signals to the muscles.

Yawning cools the brain and it helps us stay awake. We also yawn when we get bored to stay alert and continue with the task ahead.

5. Yawning keeps you awake.

We can also see stretching as a software reset. This is because it gives the nervous system a starting point and increases the speed of the background processes that keep us awake and attentive during the day. In addition, it increases the heart rate and drives the blood into our extremities.

Did you notice when you yawn and stretch the most? Does it help you stay awake?

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