The Truth About The Black Knight Satellite Conspiracy Theory

Written by usadigg

Some believe it is an alien spaceship. NASA says it’s probably just space debris. Here are the facts.
The Lede
One of the most famous alien conspiracy theories, the Black Knight Satellite theory, claims that there is an ancient satellite of extraterrestrial origin orbiting the Earth. What is the story behind this theory and could it be true?
Important details

  • The Black Knight Satellite theory claims that an alien spacecraft has been orbiting Earth for 13,000 years.
  • Believers in theory trace the origin of the Black Knight story to Nikola Tesla’s anecdote in which he heard signals from Martians in 1899.
  • The theory is a combination of several disjointed stories about sightings in the sky, including astronauts spotting an “amorphous black object” in space in 1998, although the black object was probably a lost thermal ceiling.

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