The secret to store garlic for longer time?

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Are you, like many people, also a garlic lover? Do you use it in almost everything like soups, noodles or even eggs? This means that you probably have some in your kitchen. Compared to other vegetables, garlic can be stored for a relatively long time. But to maximize shelf life and prevent it from losing its taste, proper storage is mandatory.

1. Store whole garlic onions

If you like to use garlic when cooking, you can use the whole tuber immediately. However, if you are a garlic lover or have bought the garlic onions loosely, it will be even more difficult to keep them fresh and firm. Avoid storing the garlic onion outside the fridge, as the onions will show signs of germination after some time. The formation of the green shoots will make the garlic still edible, but the taste will be affected.

2. Keep the garlic at the right temperature.

The ideal storage temperature for garlic is 15 to 18°C. Since the kitchens rarely stay at this temperature, they are usually very hot. Therefore, it is best to find the coolest place to store your garlic. Normally, an area closer to the ground has a lower temperature than the upper shelves of the kitchen. Keep the garlic onions away from the oven, kettle, stove or other heat sources. Also, prefer a shady place where sunlight cannot reach.

3. Store in ventilated places

Garlic onions are usually available online. They need to breathe to hold longer. If they are sealed or the mass garlic is stored in one place, they are more likely to rot. Therefore, the separate storage of the garlic is somewhat more effective than storing it in an airtight bag or a condensate box.

4. Keep peeled garlic cloves.

If you have peeled many cloves of garlic and are concerned. They stop worrying because peeled, even sliced garlic can be stored without loss of taste or aroma. An airtight container is the best choice to store the peeled garlic cloves. Choose the glass container and avoid plastic containers as they affect the strong aroma of the garlic. To prevent the garlic smell from spreading in your fridge, you should close the box well. The maximum storage time for storing peeled garlic cloves in the refrigerator is about two days.

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