Symptoms of Malaria

Symptoms of Malaria
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Malaria is a life-threatening disease and usually common among people living or visiting tropical and subtropical areas. The most common regions where this disease is common are specifically Asian and African regions in particular. Malaria is caused by the bite of infected female mosquitoes called Anopheles that carry the parasite in them that is the root cause of the spread of disease. When the female mosquito bites you the parasite gets in your blood where it lays eggs which further hatch and the resulting parasites also feed on your blood cells multiplying at greater speed and the patient seems to develop the symptoms of Malaria. If the proper treatment is not provided at the time it can be very fatal and can lead to the death of the victim.

Some of the common symptoms seen among the victims of Malaria are High fever, shivering, excessive sweating, chilling, nausea and vomiting, headaches, body aches, muscle ache, and discomfort.

The best way to prevent Malaria is to stay away from mosquitoes. Following methods can be adopted to stay protected

●      Try to cover your bed with a mosquito net so they won’t come in contact with your body

●      Cover the grills and net in windows and doors with screens

●      Use mosquito repellent lotions, creams, sprays, coils, and mats

●      Avoid wearing dark colors in tropical areas especially at dawn and dusk. Make sure you are wearing long pants and sleeves so the mosquito can not bite you.

●      Make sure no stale water or damp area must develop near the place you reside else it will promote the growth of mosquitoes.

●      Avoid going too much out in the evening as it is the time of greater activity for mosquitoes

There are certain medicines that also act as cures and preventive measures to stay safe from Malaria. It is advised that if you are traveling to any tropical country you should get immunized to Malaria by taking medicine, Malaria is not a chronic disease and does not spread from the victim rather if the infected mosquito bites the victim it can spread the disease to other nearby inhabitants. People visiting distant lands or tropical areas can bring back the disease to their country fellowmen if not cured beforehand. Usually, the medicine used is known as prophylactic. Even if you have taken medicine it is still advised to adopt other precautionary measures to stay on top of things as prevention is better than cure.

The advised medicine should be started to intake before, during,0, and after the tropical trip for one to four weeks. If a person fails to take the medicine or stops taking it in too soon the parasites if they are present in your blood get strong and thus can grow at a higher speed and can make you sick. The medicine should not be self-prescribed rather it should be used after taking a prescription from a doctor. Because Malaria medicine has certain side effects and it should be given keeping in view the bodily conditions of the patient.

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