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Six Card Games To Help Fight Boredom

Nothing fills downtime as well as a card game. So if you’re looking for games worth staying in, then these six games are worth accessing.

Exploding kittens

This hugely popular card game has been made possible by an overwhelming response on Kickstarter. If you don’t have it yet, now is a good time to embrace silliness.


With rules that everyone can understand right away, this fun guessing game is still very entertaining, even if you have to change the rules to get along with fewer players. Just remember that this game is for adults, so send the kids to bed unless you feel like pulling out any inappropriate cards beforehand.

What do you do memes about?

We love memes here at Digg, so you know “What Do You Meme?” is in heavy rotation. However, you should not play the game with children – it can be quite suggestive.

Unstable unicorns

The silliness of this Kickstarter card game is deceiving how quirky it actually is. You have to be tricky not only to win the game, but downright treacherous.

Cover your assets

Do you need a card game that young children can handle? This game is designed specifically for a nice, large family, so that up to eight people (even children as young as seven) can share in the fun.


How about a small espionage operation? This is a game of hidden information in which two teams have to find extremely vague clues to unmask their opponents.



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