Natural Anti Aging Tips

Natural Anti Aging Tips
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If you want to spend a long and healthy life, you should take care of yourself. Aging is a natural process in which the body is not capable of producing the required proteins that keep the skin firm.

Although you can and should not try to stop this natural process, the following tips will help you age gracefully;

  • Avoid fat and eat foods high in complex carbohydrates. Nutritionists recommend having at least five fruits and vegetables and five to eight glasses of water every day. A healthy diet ensures that you get no more than thirty-five percent of your total (daily) calorie intake from fat, fifteen percent from proteins, and the remaining from complex carbohydrates.
  • The importance of working out regularly can never be overemphasized. According to experts, aerobics is one of the best options for slowing down the aging process since it helps build and maintain stamina and muscle strength helping you age gracefully.
  • Alcohol and smoking are not only injurious to health; if anything, they speed up the aging process by depriving the body of essential minerals and vitamins and dehydrating it which dramatically increases the probability of getting wrinkles. A number of toxins (contained in cigarettes) are released through the skin which also speeds up the aging process.
  • The three eights rule states that you should get eight hours of sleep, work eight hours and relax for eight hours every day. As impossible as it may seem in the fast pace world of today, making it a routine will help you lead a happier and healthier life. Different things help different people relax; yoga, meditation, working out, spending time with your loved ones, and massages are some options that help most people relax.
  • Using quality cosmetics suited to your skin type and moisturizing your skin at least twice a day helps keep it glowing and healthy. No matter how tired you are, do not sleep without removing your makeup.
  • Studies suggest that the sun’s harmful rays are the (single) most significant factor contributing to and speeding up the aging process. The most effective solution to this problem is using sunscreens all year round and not only when you are sunbathing.
  • Dead Sea salts have been proven to have an anti-aging effect on the skin. Their popularity is has been increasing steadily because of this regenerative property. Depending on your budget, the two options to benefit from the Dead Sea salts are; to arrange a trip with the assistance of a spa or to use the Dead Sea products such as lotions, oils, and soaps, etc at home.


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