How to sign up for HealthiestYou/Teledoc using the UnitedHealthcare student account?

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Our partnership with HealthiestYou, a Teladoc company, provides our members with free, unlimited access to virtual advice. This new behavioral therapy service gives you free access to certified psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and consultants, provided your UHCSR plan includes this service, which is the case for most. Prescription medications may also be available if medically necessary.

New features:

You can now see the open appointment times for many of the participating providers. This feature reduces the back and forth with the providers when searching for a free session date.
The dashboard has been updated to more accurately display confirmed appointments compared to requested appointments. This change makes it clearer which dates have been confirmed by your provider and which are still pending.
The search results for providers now only show providers accepting new patients.
HealthiestYou is expanding its provider network in all states to help you serve you even better.
SMS reminders are now enabled to notify you 36 and 48 hours before your appointment so that you have enough time to confirm and/or cancel your appointment if necessary.

To get started, follow these steps:

  • Register via the HY mobile app or on the website at
  • Once you are registered, choose a provider that meets your preferences and needs.
  • Choose the best available appointment time that fits your schedule.
  • You will receive an e-mail notification that will take you to your HY Message Center for important information about your appointment.
  • If you think you need an appointment earlier than is available from the provider you choose, you can select another provider and check its availability.
  • You can also read this flyer for more information. If you need help making appointments or using the HY service, you can contact HealthiestYou at 1-855-870-5858 or send an email to

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