How to Ensure That Your Child Is Motivated to Study?

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The growing pressure of expanding the curriculum with homework and extracurricular teaching makes childhood very stressful for both children and parents. Gone are the days when the children played for hours on the building site, broke glasses, ate nibbles with friends, argued about who won and who cheated. Parents usually complain that there is so much to learn and that homework is done, where is the time to play? how do we make learning an entertaining activity for the child? how can it enjoy its childhood and stay on top of the competition?

Set weekly goals: Parents should set weekly goals according to the topics and subjects covered in school and set a day of the week to prepare the child with the weekly share. Don’t panic if not much has been done on a given day. Encourage the child to cover up to the target day. Of course, make realistic goals, taking into account your daily homework, recovery time, and other activities. They can get children to set goals for themselves. It would be a fantastic lesson in planning and execution.

Form a study group: Form a group of 3-4 children – the classmates of the children with whom he/she feels super comfortable. Everyone should have the same learning goal. Meet at someone’s home or café on the scheduled day – Friday afternoon – and prepare a questionnaire/quiz for anyone who has to do with the weekly goal. After the quiz you can give them a small reward and then take them to a movie/park/beach as a reward for fulfilling their weekly goal. The fact that best friends live in the same target zone encourages the child to learn regularly, and perhaps they perform even better in tests, effectively reducing stress during exams.

Playing time: A few hours of free play/sports should be planned for each day, regardless of homework, extra lessons and learning. After all, academics are not everything in the world. Having a calm and balanced child will ensure his good health and happiness for the future.

Caution: A large study group may not be a good idea. It will be like school and lessons and take away the fun factor. Never compare the children. Remember that you want to make learning a pleasure and not make your child or anyone else look small. Don’t get graded or graded, otherwise it will be another stress you have to deal with every week.
Remember that you do this to enjoy learning and reduce the pressure and stress of the current education system.

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