Cat names: original ideas for 2020, year in R

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Finding a name for your (future) pet is certainly an important step, but for some it is also a real headache! How can you be original and at the same time choose a main name that you will be happy to use?

It’s also better to choose a name whose sound your pet recognizes and that’s easy to use for you and the people around you, especially if it’s a dog. In cats, of course, the name will have less influence on the “training”. It is then a question of ingenuity …
Discover our ideas for names with “R”, the favorite letter of 2020, if you are planning an adoption or if your kitten is expecting a litter!

Why the letter “R”?

The fact that the name of pets (mainly dogs and cats) is assigned one letter per year is a rule that has been introduced to bring some order to the LOF (Livre des Origines Francoises), a register that records births of purebred cats and dogs since 1885. Since then, the alphabet has changed many times, but certain letters such as K, Q, W, X, Y, and Z have been omitted because the names that began with it were considered too difficult to find. In 2015, for example, the “L” was dedicated, in 2016 the “M” was dedicated, in 2017 the “N” and in 2020 the “R” will be in the spotlight. Of course, this obligation only applies to purebred animals to be registered in the LOF. If this is the case with your cat, however, you should note that the usage name may be different: only on the animal’s papers does this have no real meaning. Anyway, finding the right one is still a challenge, and whether you need to or not, here are some ideas that start with “P”!

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