Can my dog be a vegetarian?

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First of all, the correct answer is YES. Dogs can also be vegetarians. Vegetarianism, which used to be a
a very small number of cultures has become a trend in recent years. Famous celebrities have demonstrated it and announced in public that they are vegetarians, and now there are vegetarian restaurants and vegan bakeries everywhere, and some restaurants have vegetarian menus by affixing symbols to the menu board. On top of that, this vegetarian trend now extends not only to humans, but also to dogs.

How do most dogs become vegetarians? As you might think, dogs are omnivores, as opposed to carnivorous cats, so it’s no problem to become a vegetarian. Of course, on the basis of a well thought-out and balanced diet.

What would be good for a dog if he were a vegetarian?

First of all, this can be a good alternative for dogs that are sensitive to animal proteins. Typical reactions to allergies are symptoms such as tears, scratches on the skin or scabs on the ears. Of course, it’s best if you know what your dog’s protein allergens are, but if you’re constantly allergic to almost all sources of protein (such as turkey, chicken, duck, salmon, beef, etc.), then a vegetarian diet can be a good solution. The vegan diet can also contribute to better animal welfare by avoiding raw meat in the environmental dimension. From an ecological point of view, it is estimated that about 10 g of vegetable protein is needed to feed farm animals to produce 1 g of meat protein. Beef and veal (cattle)
It is clear that in the production of grains, such as the calories for 160 that a boat and the wider country require, the greenhouse effect of cattle breathing methane is more important than the effect of greenhouse gas emissions in the world of vehicle flushes, experts say.

So can your dog’s nutritional needs be met with a vegetarian diet?

Unlike cats, which require a source of animal protein, dogs can also get nutrients from a plant-based diet. Of course, a well-designed and balanced diet must be required. Nutrient, which is mainly found in animal foods, there are many, the most important part is how they doeneunya the nutrients in the fact that the vegan diet meets. Protein can be one or more plant proteins, the most important part to the level of proteins and essential amino acids similar to animal proteins and in the diet, vitamin D and vitamin B12, is also a type of amino acid taurine is a man and a dog also vegetarian you can get enough.

“Isn’t a plant-based diet without meat protein a problem for children’s digestion?”

Unlike cats, dogs can digest, absorb and exploit these nutrients on a vegan diet. A key element of a vegan diet, cereals and legumes (beans and lentils), proteins, carbohydrates, since they are a mixture of fats in a complete and balanced vegan diet, proteins, carbohydrates, the amount of fats, most of them contain meat diet and it is similar. In addition, when processed into a food, it is more digestible, as these ingredients are ground and cooked in the production of croquettes. Fiber is the most important component of digestion. As you can see in the table above, the content of raw fibers in vegetarian diets is generally similar to that of foods, including meat, so you don’t have to worry about indigestion caused by vegan diets.

“Gather Andrews Valley, the perfectly balanced vegetarian diet”

Gaede aendeureseu Valley Now with the motto Let’s premium vegetarian diet perfect balance, manufacturer of Trillian petkyu and food (Petcurean) food was ambitious in design. As mentioned earlier, a vegetarian diet is the most important thing, like the design, when Gaede aendeureseu Valley is used as a complete vegan diet without animal ingredients at all, is characterized by the fact that the dog contains all the essential amino acids you need.

The biggest difference to other vegan feed brands lies in the raw materials. More than 70% of the raw materials contained in the product are certified organic raw materials and no residues of raw materials or genetically modified raw materials (GMOs) have been used. Even the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are extracted from organic flaxseed and sunflower oils, completely avoiding artificial oils. It is a feed with essential amino acids and various plant proteins that dogs need, using only organic cereals and vegetables.

In order to reduce the use of polyethylene for the environment, raw materials from sugar cane, a renewable raw material, are even used for the feed bags, which has reduced the use of oil-based resources by 30%.
In addition, Gather Andrews Valley can be purchased via the link below at eagle pet shop, an official shopping mall in Eaglebet, which is a national distributor of Now, Go and Gather.

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