6 Incredible food to keep teeth healthy

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As we all know, proper care of our teeth is necessary. To preserve our teeth, we need to brush our teeth daily and clean them with floss and meet our dentist at least twice a year. But apart from that, have you ever thought that another essential element of your dental care is your DIET? Your diet plays an important role in your dental care.

To keep these white pearls healthy and strong for a lifetime, eat some special foods. These foods may not be what you expect. But it can also be some of your favorite foods that can help you keep your teeth fresh, clean and healthy.

Are you excited to hear about these foods? Well, let’s start without further delay.

1. Cheese:

Cheese has not been made a dietary food, although moderation is still necessary. But for the sake of enjoyment, if someone offers you a piece of it, let them know that you are caring for them and taking care of the dental care. According to the American Academy of General Dentistry, eating cheese changes the pH of a person’s mouth, protecting them from dental caries.

Calcium and protein are considered to be the best nutrients to make the enamel strong; Cheese contains a high proportion of these two nutrients. In addition, any food containing saliva helps to suck bacteria out. If the bacteria are not washed away, they can cause the plague.

2. Tea:

Many of us are addicted to tea and can’t even imagine starting our day with a cup of hot tea, but they also fear that their teeth could be discolored by such stuff. Polyphenols are compounds contained in green and black tea. These connections help

Slowing down the growth of bad bacteria (harmful bacteria can cause both gum and tooth decay)
Preventing the clumping of bacteria (clumping of bacteria can form deposits)

In Chicago, the University of Illinois conducted a study that found that people who use black tea for mouthwashing for a minute 10 times a day are likely to have less plaque growth than the control group. It may seem like you wash your mouth often, but be sure to improve your oral health while fighting bad breath when you drink tea.

3. Almonds:

Almonds are considered great snacks and have many health benefits, including dental protection. Like cheese, they contain a high proportion of protein and calcium, but it also contains another benefit of crisps. When we chew the crispy food, it eliminates the dental plaque and also prevents its further formation.

Usually nuts have a high fat content, but little sugar. It is recommended to eat them every day, to fry them either by stirring, to add them to the salad or even to enjoy them as a snack.

4. Yoghurt:

In addition to the richness of protein and calcium, yoghurt also contains probiotics (a very useful bacterium). These bacteria limit the space for cavernous, harmful bacteria, which improves the health of the gums.

Many types of yoghurt contain a high amount of sugar; be careful not to use this type of yoghurt. Eating yoghurt without or with low sugar content is the best thing for oral health.

5. Apples:

In general, sugar is considered harmful to teeth. However, if you are hungry for sweets, you can eat an apple without hesitation. Although they contain relatively much sugar, they cannot damage our natural tooth due to their crispy nature.

Apples contain a considerable amount of fiber and water, which brings a lot of benefits to our teeth.

When you chew apples, the water in it connects with the saliva, and as a result, intruders are washed away in the mouth.
The fiber in apples improves blood circulation and keep the teeth healthier by stimulating the gums.

Eating an apple doesn’t mean you don’t have to brush your teeth. To save your teeth and refresh your breath, you should brush them regularly.

6. Leafy green

Let us discuss another food that has many advantages, namely leafy greenery. They have few calories and are abundantly enriched with minerals and vitamins. Green cabbage and Spanish are dark greens that contain plenty of calcium. Those who are allergic to lactose and cannot comfortably absorb the dairy product can easily consume the dark green vegetables to meet the body’s calcium needs.

Many green vegetable products contain a considerable amount of folic acid. It is vitamin B, which is essential for pregnant women in particular, and there is some evidence that it can help pregnant women to treat gum disease. Inflammation in our gums can be reduced by folic acid, and it also helps to prevent tooth decay.

Final thoughts:

Although it is not the full list of foods that can keep our teeth healthy, you can use them as a guide to choosing the best diet for oral health.

To satisfy your cravingfor for sugar, you should try to eat fruits rather than other unhealthy sweets.
Calcium-enriched foods keep your enamel healthy, so you should use more leafy greens and dairy products.
Crispy foods correspond to our natural toothbrush, but despite potato chips you should eat celery and carrots.

Together with all these foods, a large water intake is also necessary. Water rinses away the bacteria and also helps to refresh the breath. Finally, the habit of chewing gum is also beneficial for cleaning teeth.

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