5 More People Donald Trump Will Most Likely Pardon, Ranked

Written by usadigg

His days in the Oval Office are numbered — who else might the lame-duck president set free?

5. R. Kelly

Sure, the singer issued a statement back in 2017 assuring that he would not be performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration for the president’s inauguration. But The Root once strangely called R. Kelly “the black Donald Trump,” and that’s it. On the other hand, we’re pretty sure Trump doesn’t read The Root, so this is a choice.

4. Bill Cosby

Stop us, if you’ve heard this before: a former TV star with a pattern of predatory acts who would otherwise spend the rest of his days in jail. Not exactly another world, if you imagine that Trump might see himself in the disgraced comedian.

3. Jared Kushner

Sure, Trump might want to preemptively pardon the real estate sprinkler, pandemic spoof and treasurer of the Black Folks Just Don’t Want to Be Successful Society just because he is the son-in-law of POTUS. But he would most likely do so so that he could tell his friends that he has Kanye’s BFF out of the tailor, finally surpassing Abraham Lincoln as president, who is most likely invited to the barbecue party.

2. Joe Exotic

Could there be a more fitting end to 2020 than Donald Trump, who freed this tiger king cuckoo cat lover who also ran twice for president?

1. Donald Trump Jr.

The orange does not fall far from the tree. Or from the jumpsuit.

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