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What is my ip?


Know your public IP address and private IP address

What is the difference between the private IP address and the public IP address on your broadband box? How do I get to know them?

Your broadband box has a private IP address and a public IP address. Find out what sets them apart and how to know them.

Adresse IP publique

A box has an IP address that is “outward-looking” and materializes its address on the Internet network: it is the public IP address. This is the address that a server on which you want to perform. B transactions “sees”. It is his connection to the network. These addresses are used by the computers on the network to communicate with each other. Thus, each computer on a network has a unique IP address.

Adresse IP privée

A box also has an “inward-facing” IP address, that is, to connect one or more computers. This is the private IP address.

Comment connaître son IP publique

  • The public IP address is issued by your ISP (Internet service provider) at the time of installation and box syncing.
  • Some widgets also make it possible to know it.
  • Here’s how to get to know your public IP:
  • Connect to your box:

Go to My Services → Internet Access → State of the Internet Connection

  • Or go to a site like: